Greg Jackson (1998 - 2001)

When I joined it was a small group of business people meeting at a motel restaurant in Kessels Road. The Sunnybank Chamber was small and only slightly larger than the Mt Gravatt Chamber. The Chemist in Logan Road Mt Gravatt was the president of the Mt Gravatt Chamber from memory. We decided to combine and formed the Southside Chamber. I wasn’t a part of that decision then, but may have been on the committee. The original logo of the Sunnybank Chamber was altered a bit and became the logo for the Southside Chamber. Not long after forming the Southside Chamber “Porky” Morgan joined us. He had just bought the Wishart pub and we ran our breakfast meetings from there for years.

Geoff Curtis was the one who combined the Chambers and from memory was responsible for the approved “Logo”. He had a big influence on the forming of the Southside Chamber. I thought he was a great president and a good leader of the organisation.

There were some characters in those early days. Geoff Wilson was an inspiration and a tireless worker for the chamber. He created our newsletters. He attracted funding for projects that few thought would ever get off the ground. An amazing person in my mind. I can only speak very highly of him and his tireless networking. We did work as a team and the secretary Sandra Brock also worked tirelessly for the chamber. We would not have grown without the time and energy she put in behind the scenes. She was paid for her work but most hours she worked would have had to be unpaid. Even though she took a “back stage” approach to things her effort should be recognised.

Geoff Wilson and another member, John Harris, worked really hard in helping Upper Mt Gravatt get the regional business status it deserved. In my time I think this was our greatest achievement for the area. The politics of the time had Chermside being recognised as a regional business centre and for reasons unknown (but suspected) Upper Mt Gravatt was sidelined. Geoff Wilson's projects were also a feather in the cap for the chamber even though the credit should all be his. Peter Weightman was like one of the older statesmen of the group at the time...not that he was old but it seems an appropriate term. I really think the chamber paid an important part in the area at that time.

- Greg Jackson (2016)