April Monthly Mindset Column: Finding 'Stillness' in a Constant World

Wednesday 31 March, 2021 | By: Jaye Barros (The Balance Tree)

The body benefits from movement, and the mind benefits from stillness.
If you're like me you possibly get these two around the other way!

If you have a head filled with internal chatter and a body that likes to rest a little too much then today's the day to start thinking of another way of being.
There are many free apps to teach and help you meditate - there are even walking meditations so you can do both mind and body at the same time!  Doing a "still" activity where you need to get to an end result (including watching a movie, playing a game, clearing your inbox) does not, in fact, assist in stilling your mind.  Find something that allows you the opportunity to go within and hear your inner wisdoms - meditation or journaling are a great way to start.
If you are in need of getting your body moving, then start small, a gentle 15 minute walk, some simple stretching exercises or investigating some online yoga, tai chi or stretch classes will help you get motivated to take on more.

What can YOU do to gain and maintain a healthy mind and body?

- Jaye Barros, The Balance Tree - 

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