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Thursday 1 April, 2021 | By: Admin Manager

Julie Richman 111

Crestpoint Psychology - Julie Richman

Julie Richman brings her skills and knowledge as a business owner, strategist and  entrepreneur to the forefront in the launch of Crestpoint Psychology & Wellbeing while simultaneously offering  Coaching, Consulting and Mentoring to business owners, couples in business, staff, and general admission clients.  Bringing down to earth tools and strategies along with life changing conversations, Julie offers a very unique perspective and unparalleled results with her sessions. 

Having experienced a multi-faceted career, the expertise Julie brings allows her to discuss topics from Mechanical Engineering, Sales, Holistic Medicine, Hospitality and Relationship counsel to engage with clients from all walks of life and varying backgrounds.  

Julie is passionate about people’s wellbeing and growth, to the point of ensuring we are all equipped with the skills to take greater control over the positive outcomes that can benefit any individual at any given moment.  

Crestpoint Psychology & Wellbeing Centre is a community focused Mental Health Support Service located in Central Mount Gravatt. By bringing together a large selection of Psychologists, Counsellors, Psychotherapists and Wellbeing Advisors, Crestpoint is able to provide the widest dispersion of topics that are supported by our team of warm and dedicated practitioners.

Originally home to the Holland Park Ward Office and the  Mount Gravatt Chamber of Commerce, Crestpoint House found its purpose through the launch of Vision Psychology,  the building itself has a solid and ingrained community appeal. The transformation to Crestpoint Psychology and Wellbeing Centre was a naturally organic progression to supporting the health and wellness of the residents around Brisbane.

To book a FREE First Consultation Session at Crestpoint Psychology & Wellbeing contact Julie Richman (07) 3420  6322 or 0409 527 647 directly. Email: or to make a booking go to

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