New Nominated Charity - ARMIA

Saturday 23 September, 2017 | By: Alex Dunn

New Nominated Charity - ARMIA



ARMIA (Active Refugee & Migrant Integration in Australia) is a young but well-structured and dynamic community-based charity that was created three years ago, following repeated requests from various refugee and migrant communities, to contribute to breaking down the significant barriers of social isolation, cultural integration and employment.

The ARMIA House is located at 140 Mains Road in Sunnybank, serving New Australians (those from refugee and migrant backgrounds), currently from the Queensland south-eastern suburbs, who have been in Australia for more than 5 years. They no longer are eligible for the Australian Government’s settlement program and yet still struggle to integrate. The unemployment rate is overall too high within refugee and migrant communities, while paradoxically lots of money is endlessly spent on them through welfare causing more complex issues (mental health; serious family relationship issues leading to domestic violence, divorces, parenting; drug & alcohol abuse; youth crime and prostitution; exposure to radicalisation etc) and yet all they want is to work and feed themselves.

Through their five interconnected programs with multiple activities, ARMIA aim to practically empower, shift fit and skilled individuals from welfare dependency, empowering them to be part of the workforce or business community, become healthy, productive and proud Australians.

Are you an employer in ANY industry (hospitality, construction, sales, administration, teaching, aged care...), but struggle to recruit and retain skilled, loyal, resilient workers? Instead of spending significant resources to recruit overseas, ARMIA will find you amazing New Australians who just need to be given the 1st opportunity. They have been unemployed for too long, stuck on endless welfare dependency; and yet all they want/ed is Employment!

The ARMIA large and expandable multicultural, multidisciplinary Team will work with you (the employer) and the employee, for up to 6 months depending on the needs, till both parties are satisfied, to train and address all potential barriers including but not limited to language and cultural. ARMIA know where and how to find and empower them for and with you; this program is already successfully happening in and with various businesses!

ARMIA hopes to partner with your business to holistically empower these newly settled Australians so that they can finally, practically and sustainably become part of the workforce or business community, proudly take their place as acknowledged and valued members of the Australian society.

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